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Virtual Real Estate Investor with Vincent Polisi is a podcast created for both new and seasoned real estate investors looking to break the mold of conventional real estate investing. If you're an entrepreneur looking for inspiration and guidance to immediately increase income and cash flow and eliminate competition and hassle or if you're looking to leave your slave job behind permanently, Vincent Polisi delivers exactly what you need every single week with step by step instructions and immediately actionable instructions. Each episode is jam packed with extremely valuable and real world content based on Vincent's more than 25 years combined experience in real estate investing, sales, mortgage banking, asset protection, wealth preservation, and Internet marketing. Even better is the fact that you'll get to listen in on actual live buyer and seller calls as Vincent's demonstrates the effectiveness of the strategies and techniques he teaches in a totally transparent hot seat where he works live without a net and no editing on real deals.
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Oct 24, 2015

Not a week goes by that you aren’t given the Stupid Test and it costs you untold amounts of time and money. Don’t fall for it and don’t let them get away with it. 

Oct 24, 2015

Being a wholesaler is the kiss of death. You just don't know it yet. Tune in and find out why. 

Oct 23, 2015

Got a bunch of signs or yellow letters that say you're an all cash buyer but you really aren't? Listen in as Vincent walks you step by step how to immediately shift gears to becoming a bona fide buyer and cash buyer absolutely for free so you can continue using the same marketing, but do it legally and ethically. 

Oct 22, 2015

Professional real estate investors don't lie to buyers, we don't commit fraud, we don't illegally broker without a license, and we don't clear titles on contract assignments. In this episode, Vincent Polisi walks you step by step through how to legally do contract assignments for both wholesale and retail deals. You'll learn how to be totally transparent, spend less time, make more money, get paid more, get paid faster (at the time of the assignment), how to never wait to get paid, how to never attend another closing on a contract assignment, and how to retrain your buyers (assignees) and sellers to the correct way of doing contract assignments. 

Oct 19, 2015

Think you're wholesaling legally? I seriously doubt it. Find out why and how to do it legally. 

Oct 18, 2015

Professional real estate investors are well equipped to handle problems, complaints, accusations of fraud, threats of litigation, people wanting to cancel contracts, you name it. Are you? Listen in live as Vincent gets blindsided and ganged up on in an impromptu phone call and deals with everyone of these things live. 

Oct 17, 2015

If you're not using this real estate investing method, you're losing deals and leaving money on the table. This real estate investing method isn't taught by anyone but me because a majority of the people selling courses and coaching are not full time full spectrum real estate investors and simply don't know it. Listen in live to find out what it is and how to do it.


Oct 16, 2015

I never show a home unless I've been paid money up front. In this call, you'll get to hear how and why that happens. 

Oct 14, 2015

Buyers are liars and sellers are non-truth tellers. Listen in live to a Joint Venture Partner Mastermind Call with an actual buyer Vincent closed a deal with and hear firsthand how and why the deal closed despite Vincent not having a home that worked. 

Oct 14, 2015

Realtors break the law every single day while imploding solid deals in the name of protecting their paychecks and "protecting" their clients. Listen in live as Vincent Polisi lays the smackdown on a Realtor who admits that he's about to break the law and violate the code of ethics set forth by the National Association of Realtors. 

Oct 14, 2015

In yet another totally transparent live call, Vincent Polisi provides proof of concept and demonstrates how he converts a buyer on a $1MM+ deal. 

Oct 13, 2015

Talk is cheap. Closing is everything. In this episode, Vincent Polisi walks you through the exact process he's used for almost a decade to convert buyers into paid applicants and closed deals whether he had a home in inventory that worked or not.

Oct 13, 2015

Lawsuits are unquestionably the biggest fear all investors and business owners have. In this episode, Vincent Polisi shows you exactly how he's avoided litigation for the last 8 years. 

Oct 12, 2015

How to pre-qualify a buyer in 2 minutes or less and the 8 questions you need to ask to do it

Oct 11, 2015

Vincent Polisi explains why you should NEVER EVER use an attorney. 

Oct 5, 2015

Make this mistake and you’re dead in the water. In this episode, Vincent Polisi explains what the mistake is and how to avoid it.

Oct 3, 2015

Vincent Polisi gets cross examined by attorney Angelo Russo for two solid hours regarding his contracts and process in a no holds barred, ask me anything, totally transparent inquisition. Listen in live to see how Vincent handles it and what the outcome was. 


Oct 2, 2015

Lease options are sold by guru after guru as the fastest and easiest way to make money in real estate with no cash or credit. What they don't tell you are all the laws regarding equitable interest, disguised sales, and how Dodd-Frank can apply to a lease option. In this episode, you're going to get to listen in live as Vincent forensically audits and dissects the lease option contracts from real estate attorney, Angelo Russo as Angelo explains the reasons for each clause. Panelists in this episode include real estate attorney Angelo Russo, CPA and professional real estate investor, Bill Walston, and professional real estate investor, Scott L. Moyes, who shares his personal story of losing everything and being prosecuted for a simple lease option deal. 

Sep 29, 2015

Imagine negotiating a $100k payday with one phone call and being told you deserve the money. That's what you'll get to hear in this episode where Vincent is on a live call with the financial advisor/gatekeeper of a future Hall of Fame Major League Baseball player discussing a deal on a $1.9MM house from a free lead generated from Craigslist. 

Sep 25, 2015

Vincent Polisi pitches and closes a Major League Baseball player to get to speak with his financial advisor. 

Sep 23, 2015

Vincent Polisi provides a live and totally transparent phone call with a Joint Venture Partner who, using the Ten Minute Task, generated a $1.8MM lead for free on Craigslist that just happened to be owned by a Major League Baseball Player. 

Sep 14, 2015

Vincent Polisi expands on The 7 Step Sales Process and provides an exhaustive detail of each step along with its importance in the sales closing process. The importance of understanding and mastering the 7 Step Sales Process cannot be over emphasized. It's absolutely crucial to your success in any business in any industry. If you want to be a six or seven figure earning Virtual Real Estate Investor, you're going to have to fully comprehend and master each of the 7 steps.

Sep 14, 2015

Vincent Polisi lays the foundation for the most important fundamental skill to understand and master in business: sales. In this podcast, Vincent walks you through The 7 Step Sales Process and provides an introduction to each step along with its importance in the sales closing process.

Sep 14, 2015

In this episode, Vincent Polisi walks you through the catalyst for how he became the Virtual Real Estate Investor and explains why this podcast is simply one you can't miss. From success to epic failure and a $4.5MM bankruptcy to bouncing back with no money and no credit after losing everything, he demonstrates how anyone with a will can begin immediately generating six figures if they'll simply apply what he's going to show you.

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