Virtual Real Estate Investor with Vincent Polisi

Virtual Real Estate Investor with Vincent Polisi is a podcast created for both new and seasoned real estate investors looking to break the mold of conventional real estate investing. If you're an entrepreneur looking for inspiration and guidance to immediately increase income and cash flow and eliminate competition and hassle or if you're looking to leave your slave job behind permanently, Vincent Polisi delivers exactly what you need every single week with step by step instructions and immediately actionable instructions. Each episode is jam packed with extremely valuable and real world content based on Vincent's more than 25 years combined experience in real estate investing, sales, mortgage banking, asset protection, wealth preservation, and Internet marketing. Even better is the fact that you'll get to listen in on actual live buyer and seller calls as Vincent's demonstrates the effectiveness of the strategies and techniques he teaches in a totally transparent hot seat where he works live without a net and no editing on real deals.
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Jun 28, 2017

Vincent explains the governing system of commerce under the UCC and Maritime Admiralty Law and how it applies to credit repair

Jun 21, 2017

Religion has no place in a front facing business conversation and is used by people and guru shills alike to create a false sense of security due to self aggrandizing self proclaimed self righteousness. 

Jun 19, 2017
The Only Way To Do Lease Options Legally
Jun 19, 2017
The Four Revenue Streams from an Owner Finance Sandwich
Jun 16, 2017

In this episode, you get to listen in live as Vincent closes a seller who violently says no. By listening to her problem and creating a solution, Vincent was able to go from no to yes in under 5 minutes.